How can I display my Kokeball?

You can place it in a saucer or small bowl. You can also choose to hang it up- please leave us a note if you do want that option and we can customise a hanging Kokeball for you.

Dirt and moss are falling out, what do I do?

This is absolutely normal, keep the moss moist by keeping it misted. Kokeball is made mostly of organic material and ultimately still needs soil to survive, so we have tucked it beneath the moss as much as possible.

My Kokeball is multiplying beyond its mossball!

They grow up so fast (': Do give them a snip here and there to keep them in shape. With vining plants, you may want to give them a surface to climb and if you seed root nodes growing, you can snip a little under the nodes and put the stem to make a new plant!

My Kokeball seems to be withering!

You can remove the yarns and place the mossball portion into pot of soil, and cover with nutrient-rich soil. This process of replanting it allows it more room to gain nutrients.